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Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Motorsport Manager gibt es bei eBay Riesenauswahl an Spielen für Konsole & PC. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Tier 2 Race 1: USA B: Cornering: Top Speed: 14: 76%: Tier 2 Race 2: China D: Neutral: Neutral: 12: 61%: Tier 2 Race 3: Qatar B: Cornering: Acceleration: 19: 43%: Tier 2 Race 4: Dubai C: Neutral: Top Speed: 9: 83%: Tier 2 Race 5: Canada D: Straights: Neutral: 7: 52%: Tier 2 Race 6: Japan B: Cornering: Acceleration: 16: 53%: Tier 2 Race 7: Dubai B: Cornering: Top Speed: 14: 79%: Tier 2 Race 8: Brazil B: Long Straights: Top Speed: 14: 59 Setups will change slightly from season to season, driver to driver, car to car and team to team. Use this guide to initially set your car up. Then fine tune your car to optimise your setup. Please refer to the 'Tuning' section of this guide for more information on fine tuning your initial setup By default, everything takes place in real-time in Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 races, even considering the fact that you're racing against AI opponents, and not human drivers. But you can always hit the fast forward button and have the qualifying runs or races run in double-, or triple-time; press twice if you want to go triple-time and have things play out as quickly as possible. This is far more recommended in qualifying, as you may have to fine-tune things and pay closer.

This is for anybody who is interested in setups. This is for the highest tier but it can be used for any tier as a guideline. I know the game doesn't save your set ups and why just because every driver has a different set up. I used this in my second season and the set up was different then from what I saved but it did help me to get them to at least over 95%. I saved them as screenshots so they are in jpg but I do hope that they will help you out Auto Setup is a mod for Motorsport Manager, created by newman55. Description: If you are tired of moving these sliders every time or want the mechanics to setup your cars themselves, then this mod is for you. The rebalancing is that the success of setup depends more on the mechanic's stats and the driver's feedback. In vanilla, AI always has values of 97-99% and has almost no impact on a race As carbon already stated, those may differ for you since I used Hong Liao and Shen Qi as 1st and 2nd driver for all 9 seasons and setups can be affected with paths you take in part development. Although, they can provide sufficient data that you won't need to change much -- as in you will only probably need to take some minor changes to achieve what's best for your team/cars. This way (if you are not save-scummer like me) you can get your sweet race/qualli bonuses maxed out for.

View a range of Motorsport Manager setups for the European Racing Series of Motorsport Manager. Includes setups for various tracks including Ardennes, Black Sea, Guildford, Milan, Munich, Tondela, Beijing, Cape Town, Doha, Dubai, Phoenix and Vancouver Motorsport Manager When starting a career the first thing you can chose is the game options. The first thing you should do is to turn off the tutorial. (If this is your first ever playing Motorsport Manager do not start your own team). The only real choice in game option is how long the race will be. I myself prefer long race but if you choose short you can gain an advantage, that advantage is slim so chose what ever you your self prefer. If you haven't played enough to know your preference just go.

You need the other DLLs from the Assembly-CSharp.dll folder to compile the edited code. When your at the place you want to change the code, simply right click and say edit method (C#) or edit class (C#). They will both open an editor where you can make the changes. Once the changes are made, click the compile button and hope everything compiles. Motorsport Manager Guide und Tipps: Einstieg, Entwicklung, Rennen, Konfiguration und Fahrer Was ihr als Manager eures eigenen Teams wissen solltet Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. You're signed out. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid.

The setup is depending on different factors such as the driver, the car's parts and some randomness. To achieve a good setup it is important to send out your drivers only for one round and instantly take them in to the box, so you can see how your setup and your recent changes influenced the setup Display setups - shows the values and time cost received by all cars. Values of the player's cars can change on the next weekend. On default settings, you will have delta between the best and worst setup 0.5 sec. and delta in the top 10 is 0.1-0.2 sec Practice - Easy Car Setup (During car setup it reduces the mechanic recommendation to a minimun to easy set perfekt balance) Traits (Hover over trait in driver details) Update #1: Fixed a crash during race. Update #2: Added some parts of traits for drivers. Currently only possible to change the trait in driver details

Motorsport Manager is a racing-management-simulation strategy video game. It is developed by Playsport Games, the British video game developer. The first release of this game was in 2014 on the iOS platform. A year later, it was published on Android. In 2016, Motorsport Manager was unveiled on macOS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. It's always a challenge when starting a new career. As a. Motorsport Manager. close. Games. videogame_asset My games. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. chevron_left. chevron_right . Recently added 38 View all 1,290. Log in to view your list of favourite games. View all games. Mods. Browse all chevron_right; Browse all chevron_right. New chevron_right. Trending chevron_right. Most endorsed. Teams are a crucial element in Motorsport Manager, being run by the player as they attempt to win the World Motorsport Championship. Motorsport Manager features 30 fictional Teams that can be controlled by the player, who assumes control of the HQ, Car design, Staff, Drivers and Sponsors during their career. 1 Departments 1.1 Car 1.2 Headquarters 1.3 Drivers 1.4 Staff 1.5 Sponsors 2 Team List. Hello everybody, For this special occasion only (the mobile MM2 app release) we decided to make an exception to our rule #2: No Mobile Game Posts: We don't allow any form of discussion about the mobile Motorsport Manager game, neither Android nor iOs. Rule 2 is suspended only in this official megathread, any other user-made post in our community about the mobile game will be removed as usual, since it breaks our rules

Tracks have a similar setup for each season so it may be worth noting your setup from the previous year in order to get a head start on tweaking. If weight stripping is allowed then do it during practice as you do not lose reliability throughout practice and qualifying. Parts that are crucial weight strip down to 85% reliability and others down to 80%, this will prevent the need for repair mid-race 60 Tage - 18 Rennen - Ein Titel! Im MotorSportManager kämpfst du als Teamchef eines Rennstalls um die Motorsport Krone!. Welche Fahrer werden für wie viele Saisons eingestellt, wer bildet das Führungspersonal, wie viele Ingenieure und Konstrukteure entwickeln die Bolliden, wer liefert Reifen, wer die Motoren, ist nicht nur eine Frage des Budgets After months of waiting, it's time to head Down Under once again for the Australian GP, which makes this the perfect time to watch the second in our Motorspo.. Motorsport Manager - Einsteiger-Guide. Der Weg an die Spitze ist für fast jeden Rennstallbesitzer steinig, denn es gibt viele Unwägbarkeiten auf und neben der Strecke. Wir helfen mit zehn Tipps. Motorsport Manager (Steam) 2-29-20 Trainer +9 Options: Unlimited Money; Unlimited Fuel; No Tyre Wear; Low Tyre Temperature; Max Car Condition ; Car Part Max Improvement; Instant Part Design; Fast Construction; Fast Upgrade . MrAntiFun + WeMod Partnership Announcement. Attachments. Motorsport Manager (Steam) Trainer Setup.exe. 74.1 KB · Views: 12,870 Last edited: Jan 29, 2021. Reactions: dezsi.

Motorsport Manager v1.2.12028 [MULTI10] Fixed Files: 23-12-2016: CODEX: File Archive [6.6 MB] Motorsport Manager v1.1.11745 +1 TRAINER: 27-11-2016: CH: File Archive [20.1 MB] - Promo Trainer: Motorsport Manager v1.1.11745 +9 TRAINER: 25-11-2016: MAF: File Archive [4.3 MB] - External Link - Can return a false AV Positive! File = Clean! Motorsport Manager v1.0.11576B +9 TRAINER: 22-11-2016: MAF. Motorsport Manager Mobile 2. Games Mobile. Next. Steps. more information Buy the Game. Motorsport Manager on Steam. Available for Windows, Mac OS X and SteamOS + Linux. Need support? Visit support if you need help with one of our games. For anything else try our contact page to get in touch! Follow us online. Visit our contact page to follow us online on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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Embark on a fresh Motorsport Manager challenge with the Endurance Series. Take iconic long-distance cars for the ride of your life as you navigate epic distances with the goal of winning championships. Try two new competitions - IEC A and B - and meet new teams along the way. Experience new race lengths - 90 minutes, 3 hours or even 6 hours! Manage six drivers per team as you strive to. Motorsport Manager ist ein detailreiches Management-Spiel für Fans des Motorsport - das Beste seiner Art. Du stellst die Fahrer ein, entwirfst die Autos und vertiefst dich in der aufregenden Welt des Motorsports. Jedes noch so kleine Detail muss bedacht werden, um dir den Weg zum Meisterschaftstitel zu ebnen Motorsport Manager ist ein Motorsport-Simulator und wurde von Christian West entwickelt. Durch den Erfolg des Spieles im Mobile-App-Markt gründete Christian West das Studio PlaySport Games und entwickelte anschließend die Simulation für den PC-Markt komplett neu.. Gameplay. Im Motorsport Manager leitet man einen Rennstall, der in einer von drei Motorsport-Klassen beginnt und langsam durch. Hier findest du alle Infos zum Managerspiel Motorsport Manager von Playsport Games für PC, Switch: Release, Gameplay und alles, was ihr wissen müsst

Das digitale Kombi-Angebot von manager magazin und Harvard Business manager. manager +: Wirtschaft verstehen. Mehr erreichen. Inklusive Magazin-App für alle Endgeräte In case you haven't heard of Motorsport Manager, it is a management game on mobile platforms that revolves around you creating your own racing team and working your way up the different series to get to the top. With all this in mind, lest take a look at 5 Things I'd Like To See In MM4.N OTE: Some of the items in this list are in the PC version of the game, but not in the mobile version. 1. Motorsport manager mobile 2 setups. Find pinatas postings in south africa. They probably have their favorite drivers and even the team shirts to. Shop the microsoft store in tulsa ok today. Find store hours contact information deals weekly calendar of events and directions. Fernando alonso diaz audio help info born 29 july 1981 is a spanish racing driver and former formula one racing driver.

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Motorsport Manager PC - 20 Tips To Get Your First Race Win Date: November 23, 2019 Author: MindGames 0 Comments It's been a while since Motorsport Manager was released in 2016 however it still stands as a great Motorsport manager simulator and for this reason I'm going to share some tips that have helped me to get more podiums and advance through the leagues Apr 5, 2021 14:02:04 GMT 2: GPM2 Mods. Discussion about Grand Prix Manager 2 mods, mod projects and modding in general. Moderator: Global Moderator. 14: 169: GPM2 1985 Mod - Project (WIP) by alfikhoazka May 20, 2021 17:19:52 GMT 2: GPM2 Guides, Tools and Utilities. Everything you need to make mods for Grand Prix Manager 2 9/10 (49 Stimmen) - Download Motorsport Manager kostenlos. In Motorsport Manager für PC übernehmen Sie die Kontrolle über ein F1-Team, Ihren Fahrer und Ihr Team und entwerfen Sie Auto und Rennstrategien. Die große Mehrheit der Formel-1-Spiele konzentriert sich auf die atemberaubende Seite dieses..

Pay2Win Setups. 1,777 likes · 54 talking about this. iRacing setup shop with tons of experience. We will offer Asphalt oval and Dirt oval setups for purchase. Setups built by top tier iRacing members Motorsport Forum » Formel1 » Sportwagen » Tourenwagen » Nürburgring-Nordschleife » Motorsport Allgemein » Sim Racing / eSports. Team » Administratoren « Michael Zilch. Sir Bratwurst » Team GTR4u « Jürgen Dees. renntom. Thomas Schacht. Volker Wiebusch » Leitung ACC + R3E « Jockel.J. wutzmann » Gründer GTR4u « Norbert. Nachrichten. Livestream Röttele Racing Berg-Challenge by. WingsRX_Setup_2.2.4.exe. Wings RX V2.2 Release Version Includes: Wings RX, Wings RX Creator, Wings Avio Manager, Wings Touch, Wings Avio Service Wings RX V2.2 requires some updates on your Wings Engine. Update Packs can be found below. 1 GB 25. April 201 Motorsport Manager 2017 Mod Dieses File enthält: - echte Wettbewerbsnamen, Formel 1, GP2 & Formel 3 - Formel 1 inkl. Teams, Fahrer und Mitarbeiter für die Saison 2017, GP2 und Formel 3 (6 Teams aus F3, 4 aus der Formel 4). - reale Streckennamen mit Bilder - reale Liverys für Mercedes, Red Bull Racing, Ferrari, Mclaren, Sauber und Toro Rosso - echte Sponsoren - viele reale Nachrichten.

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605 Jobs in Motorsport - Job search on Motorsportjobs.com A free racing manager game and multiplayer motorsport simulation. 210,000 active players, highly detailed and competitive. GP, Indycar, NASCAR, BTCC, GT, Le Mans and more Vor wenigen Wochen ist der Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 für Android und iOS an den Start gerollt. Mit unseren Tipps und Tricks werdet ihr zum Super-Manager und führt eure Piloten zum Titel Motorsport Manager is a racing management-simulation strategy video game developed by British video game developer, Playsport Games.The game was released on iOS in August 2014 and Android in 2015. A desktop version of the game was published by Sega on macOS, Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems in November 2016.. The game has received regular updates and patches, including.

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Formel 1, MotoGP, DTM, WEC, Rallye bei Motorsport-Total.com. Motorsport-Total.com ist ein Motorsport-Magazin online. Hier bekommen Sie Motorsport, aktuell und immer auf dem neuesten Stand Download Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 on Windows 7, 8, 10 with BlueStacks and speed up your game by always having the advantage against any opponent! Save precious time by creating shortcuts to your best sequences of action, so you can reproduce them in the future by simply pressing one key, a strategy possible only with the amazing Combo Key macro feature and customize your entire commands. BAR-TEK®: The online shop for tuning parts and Co! Super fast shipping 15 years of motorsport experience Professional installation We test all parts

Ich hab vor ein paar Tagen mein Becker Map Pilot an meinen PC angeschlossen, um ein Firmwareupdate durch zu führen. Leider ist der Update Vorgang nach einiger ‎The long-awaited sequel to the highest-rated motorsport game on the App Store, Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 is the ultimate race team simulation game. Build your very own motorsport team, making all of the big decisions. Hire the drivers, assemble the team, develop your car and mastermind your wa Laptimizer has a built in setup guide to help you along the way. Whether you are new to racecar setup or a doctorate on vehicle dynamics, this setup guide will be a helpful reminder on how to extract those last few tenths out of your car. Produce Reports on the Fly Motorsport Manager comes without a license, but even a quick glance can tell you that an Italian team called Scuderia Rossini with a German and a Finnish driver are in truth Ferrari, Vettel and Räikkönen. It is that way with many other teams and people as well, just like many tracks are created in a spiritual similarity to their real-life counterparts. While that is quite nice, there is no. Rennsport-Fans aufgepasst: Der neue Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 bekommt im App Store von den bisherigen Käufern nicht umsonst volle fünf Sterne. Wenn ich aktuell nicht privat einiges mit meine.

I've enjoyed auto racing management style games for years. iGP Manager does a great job of providing an easy to understand fun experience for me and my friends. Dale Earnhardt Jr. NASCAR Driver Two-time Daytona 500 Winner I love iGP. It's like having your own Formula 1 team but without the politics. And you don't need pay drivers to keep the team alive. Pablo Elizalde Managing Editor of. ‎Motorsport Manager Racing, the acclaimed race team strategy game is now multiplayer. Create your very own motorsport team by hiring drivers and designing car parts, then compete against real managers from around the world in simultaneous 10 person multiplayer races. Can you make it to the World M Do you like motor racing? If Before you start your journey as a Rookie racing manager, you might want to consider taking a look at the tutorials first. To help you with the preparation with your first race, we recommend taking the Quick Tutorial below which will guide you through the sections of the main office, practice, qualification and race setup and strategy. Quick Tutorial (takes.

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This position reports to the Operations Manager or their designee, located in Banbury. Responsible for receiving, issuing and locating all stock as appropriate, whilst adhering to parts policies, guidelines and procedures.... View Details. No 2 Mechanic. Salary: Competitive Location: Kent / UK We have a position available for a number 2 mechanic on 1 of our LMP2 Oreca 07 LMP2 cars with. iRacing Setup Sync is the one and only setup sharing application for iRacing.com. Login Learn more » Loading... Getting started. Register your account now to start using Setup Sync! Register » Setup Database. Browse through the vast database of setups to find what you need! Setup Database » Download. Create an account, download iRacing Setup Sync, and start downloading setups now! Download. Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 does offer a few IAPs, which tends to get people irritable when you've already paid to download the game, but none of them are at all necessary to enjoy the full game. MoTeC M84 ECU Setup. The method described here is based on M84 Version 1.2 ECU Manager software. Open MoTeC ECU Manager and open a file. On the Adjust menu, click General Setup. Click Communications and then click CAN Setup. Select VCS/PDM CAN Address and enter 31

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Setups are key to being fast around a racing circuit, especially when you're starting off in the game. Aside from testing, the first circuit you'll tackle in Career Mode is Qatar's Losail race track Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 is the ultimate race team strategy game. Build up your very own motorsport team from scratch, making every big decision. Hire the drivers, assemble the team, develop your car and mastermind your way to glory. • This is your racing team. Hire drivers, develop your car and invest in technology. • Work with your drivers to achieve the perfect qualifying lap. 2. Gehen Sie nun ins Verzeichnis C:\EA90X\Schritt1\Programminstallation und starten Sie die setup.exe 3. Nehmen Sie alle Einstellungen wie auf den Bildern vor: Bestätigen Sie mit OK Bestätigen. Welche Teams, Autos und Fahrer werden in der DTM-Saison 2021 an den Start gehen? Hier bleiben Sie in Hinblick auf das Starterfeld auf dem neuesten Stand (Motorsport-Total.com) - Welche Fahrer und.

BMW M Motorsport and the company Project 1 Drivetime establish the BMW M2 Cup from season 2021 onwards. The BMW M2 Cup will be supported by BMW M Motorsport and centrally organized by the cooperation partner Project 1 Drivetime. The focus of the one-make cup is on motorsport talents, which is to be specially promoted in the BMW M Motorsport Customer Racing segment. Key Facts 2021 there will be. Grand Prix Manager 2 (often shortened as GPM2) is a 1996 Formula 1 management simulation for Windows systems and is based on its predecessor, Grand Prix Manager.It was developed by Edward Grabowski Communications Ltd and published by MicroProse, and it is licensed by FIA to have real statistics for the 1996 Formula One season.A sequel, Grand Prix World, was released in 200

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  1. Installation instructions ===== Windows XP and Later ----- Among the 5 binary packages (speed-dreams-xxxx-2.2.2-r6553-win32-setup.exe), only the base one is mandatory : it contains the core components of the game. It is also a kind of demo package, as it also ships 1 track (Espie) and 1 car set (the Supercars), plus the relevant AI drivers : that way, you can quickly get the taste of Speed.
  2. Systemvoraussetzungen: Windows 10, 7, 8, Vista oder XP und Internetverbindung. Falk-Navi updaten. Installiert euch den aktuellen Falk Content Manager auf dem PC. Ihr findet den Link, wenn ihr auf.
  3. Motorsport Manager is a highly detailed, best-in-class management game for fans of motorsport. You'll hire the drivers, build the cars and embed yourself in the dynamic world of racing. Every single detail will need to be considered in order to push your way to the championship title. Split second decisions on the race track combine with carefully laid pre-race plans; everything from.
  4. /* manage the left motor */ Wheel (LeftMotor, RemoteXY.joystick_1_y + RemoteXY.joystick_1_x); } At the beginning of defined a pins that will be used to control the motors. Further - pins are grouped into two arrays, both left and right motor respectively. To control each motor via the driver chip L298N necessary to use three signals: two discrete, the rotating direction of the motor, and one.
  5. Despite the coronavirus fears, Tuesday's Australian Grand Prix setup activity was full steam ahead, with Charles Leclerc taking an early lap on a bicycle with his girlfriend Charlotte Sine and.
  6. TAD Motorsport, Selby. 50 likes. TAD Motorsport offer 4 wheel laser alignment, car setup, track day tuition and performance lubricants for track day, competition and performance cars
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Splash = 2-3 gallons, 1/2 can = 5-6 gallons, 1 can = 11-12 gallons, 1 1/2 cans = 17-18 gallons, 2 cans = full tank. Grill Tape The grill tape option is located under the drivetrain/aero tab within the garage menu. Grill tape is nothing more than duct tape. This tape is applied to the front bumper & air dam of the car covering the openings for. I have front left motor (CW) plugged into 1 on cc3d, front right (CCW)in 2 on cc3d, back right (CW)in 3 on cc3d and so on I am having trouble arming. Having trouble setting an on off switch on my fly sky fs-th9x with stock receiver. I have a frsky jr I'm going to put in. So far no yaw, no flight mode switch and trouble arming. You guidance would be appreciated Für die Verwaltung Ihres Vereins bieten wir Ihnen 2 Softwarelösungen an: Den MTH Vereins-Manager für die Mitgliederverwaltung inklusive Beitragseinzug und den MTH Vereins-Profi für die Vereinsbuchhaltung. Windows oder Apple (MacOS) - wir unterstützen beide Plattformen! Online- oder Offlineversion - wählen Sie nach Bedarf! In der Basisversion (Offlineversion) werden die Daten der. By selecting your region below you accept our use of cookies on this site. Please select your region ALL-TEST PRO On-Line II™ software enables you to manage your plant's motors efficiently and easily. Track, trend, and report on the condition of your plant's motor assets. Share data to schedule maintenance and avoid downtime, unforeseen repair costs and improve worker safety. Trend assets and productivity and schedule maintenance based on facts and production schedules

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The following figure shows the hardware setup for one BLDC motor in sensorless FOC and a stepper motor in FOC. Figure 1 • SmartFusion2 Dual Axis Motor Control Demo Hardware Setup . SmartFusion2 Dual-Axis Motor Control Starter Kit DG0598 Demo Guide Revision 7.0 4 Connecting the Board The following steps describe how to connect the board: 1. Connect the 24 V power supply to J12. The motor should be inserted all the way to the stop in the mount. attach the twisted wire. Attach the twisted wire into the two small hooks that are underneath the motor mount. insert the motor. Insert the motor mounts on the Crazyflie 2.X wings. They are press fit and might need a small amount of force. Make sure they go all the way to the stop. It's not important which motor you put. Press and hold PUSH SW 2 for a few seconds to command the robot to rotate 180 degrees in place. OpenCR Setup. Please be aware that OpenCR board manager does not support Arduino IDE on ARM based SBC such as Raspberry Pi or NVidia Jetson. In order to upload the OpenCR firmware using Arduino IDE, please follow the below instructions on your PC Setups from 2018 Season 2 still work great in 2019 Season 2 and I won't delete them. I have loaded setups from 2018 Season 2 for that car and they load and work just fine, no problems at all. In fact, I found one from 2018 Season 2 that's better than most of the more recent setups I've tried. Sometimes there is gold in those older setups. I'll take a look at the setups and see if there.

How do I use the cheats in Motorsport Manager? WeMod will safely display all of the games on your PC. Open a game from the list and simply press play. After the game loads and once you're in-game, you can start enabling different cheats! Will this work with my game version? WeMod uses advanced technology to detect the game version you're running and will let you know if it's supported. One response to Electric Motor Repair: How to Manage a Motor Rewind Shop (Part 2) Ron Booker says: March 26, 2020 at 12:37 pm. I had no idea that motor efficiency losses vary considerably after re-winds, and that makes sense considering one should always make an effort to maintain a motor. My dad was talking about electric motors the other day, and how his life dream has always been to. 2. The motor may start while setting the parameters. If this means that personal safety may be compromised (e.g. personal injury caused by contact with moving machine parts), motor starting must be prevented, for instance by use of the Safe Stop function or secure disconnection of the motor connection. 3. A motor that has been stopped with the. What makes a Formula 1 downforce track different to a power track? We've all heard the terms before, but different tracks require vastly different car setups to get the maximum advantage around a lap 6. FactoryTalk Network Manager acquires the LLDP, CDP, MAC address, and ARP information from discovered 2 hop neighbors. 7. FactoryTalk Network Manager uses the 2 hop neighbor information to resolve IP addresses for undiscovered devices that are 1 hop neighbors from the seed IP. 8. If all devices that are 1 hop neighbors from the seed IP are. PC Setup. WARNING: The contents in this chapter corresponds to the Remote PC (your desktop or laptop PC) which will control TurtleBot3. Do not apply this instruction to your TurtleBot3. NOTE: This instruction was tested on Linux with Ubuntu 16.04 and ROS1 Kinetic Kame.. Download and Install Ubuntu on PC. Download the proper Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Desktop image for your PC from the links below

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